Opinion: Cardi B drugging, robbing men is disgusting and unacceptable

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Disgusting. Cardi B is a disgusting woman whose actions should be compared to Bill Cosby’s. A recent video of the popular rapper has resurfaced and she is catching major backlash for it. On an Instagram Live session, Cardi is heard saying, “I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to f— me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go back to this hotel.’ and I drugged them up and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do!”

Cardi B was trying to explain that she was an independent woman who worked her way to the top and nothing was handed to her.

Rightfully so, Cardi B received a lot of criticism for her actions. The rapper has been compared to R. Kelly, inspiring the hashtag “#SurvivingCardiB.” She’s even being compared to Bill Cosby, infamously known for drugging women and then raping them.

Because of these comparisons, Cardi B is being called out for supporting a double-standard. Fans have tried to support her lifestyle and her horrible actions, saying that she had to do what she had to do in order to survive. However, if R. Kelly or Bill Cosby tried to use that excuse, then they would be dragged right to their graves.

How is it that Cardi B can go on Instagram Live and say that she “drugged and robbed” men and be defended, but if a man – such as Bill Cosby – did he would, rightly, be arrested immediately?

The fact that Cardi B confessed to drugging and robbing men on Instagram Live, defended her disgusting actions and is experiencing men coming forward and telling their story of her rape and she has no charges against her is mind boggling. The double-standard this glorifies shows just how far pop culture is willing to condemn a man over a woman.

The media likes to portray a desire for equality for everyone, but by not pushing this story and not having much negative connotation and defending her actions, they are letting Cardi B get away with something gross and foul.

This isn’t even the first disgusting scandal she’s had. Cardi B – as well as her husband, Offset – has been known to make extremely homophobic and transphobic remarks and to make disgusting and racist remarks towards black women and even a dead child.

Cardi B had the audacity to go and comment under a woman’s post where she was grieving her dead son and to share and say obviously offensive and inappropriate things.

“@aquarius_babii1 maybe if you take care of yourself and don’t worried about what’s wrong with other b—— he probably woulda made it stop doing drugs and maybe that monkey would have been alive…,” said Cardi B.

“B—- I ain’t had to search hard your main pic is wild Muck. You just Ugly you look like a BURNED ROACH,” she said of a woman on Twitter.

“I hope nobody see this Tranny leave my house,” said a transphobic meme Cardi B shared.

Obviously, Cardi B needs to be coached on what is acceptable to post, say and do because she is not smart.

Cardi B is extremely problematic – she makes racist, homophobic and transphobic remarks and has confessed to a heinous crime on Instagram Live. Why do people still enjoy listening to her talk or rap? How could she have any supporters at this point in her career?

Being a fan of Cardi B is like being a fan of R. Kelly. When you support her you’re literally supporting someone who would rape men, makes racist remarks – especially when she says the ‘N’ word because she’s not black – and jokes about transgender people. If she were a man, then she would not have a career anymore.

If you’re so worried about gender equality, then something needs to be done about Cardi B and her disgusting ways.

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  1. Anonymous

    Can the monitor also please fact check their pieces? This is a horrible thing for victims to have to read, and I think that editors should be a little more thorough when it comes to opinion pieces because this reflects badly on them.

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