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The impact of Greek life

Greek life has an impactful and integral role in the community of William Jewell. While many may have preconceived notions of what it means to be apart of a sorority or fraternity, Greek life here at Jewell reinforces not only important values but life skills that extend beyond campus. There…

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Kansas City
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How to throw a Friendsgiving

As Thanksgiving is approaching, so is Friendsgiving. Like Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is a wonderful time for individuals to be surrounded by community and reflect on all they are grateful for. However, unlike Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is meant to be celebrated with those loved ones who aren’t necessarily blood related. Attached are some…

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Television review: Medical shows

Medical television series like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “House,” “ER” and “Nurse Jackie” keep fans engaged with their quixotic plot lines. However, what many of these shows fail to depict or even touch on is the stark reality of the healthcare industry. “The Resident,” starring Matt Czuchry, is about a third-year resident…

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