Sustainable living as a broke college student: 4 ways to be more environmentally sustainable

Let’s talk about environmental sustainability. First, what does it mean? You have probably heard “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” but while this common phrase lists three essential steps every person should take to help save the environment, sustainability is so much more. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines sustainability…

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On Personal Growth

Successfully completing a college degree can sometimes feel like an impossible and unending odyssey. Inevitably, one hits a point in the academic year where the whole affair feels like a slog. No matter how much work is completed or time is spent studying, the toil seems to amount to nothing. …

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Spring Fashion Trends in 2022

Sunny spring days call for a closet refresh to experiment with new style trends and plan the perfect outfit. Spring is the ideal opportunity to transition into a lighter, more carefree wardrobe for summer. To most people’s surprise, the 2000s are back in full effect with fun colors, mini everything…

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Jake Ray