Photo Feature: Student photography spotlight

The following photos were submitted by senior Kari Tott, featuring an anonymous model. Tott showcases the singer, dancer and model in her photos to display the versatility of one location.Each of these photos are taken at the same location but given the illusion of several locations.

The following pictures were submitted by freshman Regan Burgess, featuring St. Pete’s Beach in Florida minutes before a tropical storm, alongside the views from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She also photographed a butterfly— which she describes as looking identical to the emoji — that flew near her face and landed right on the leaf.

The following photos were submitted by freshman Sofie Stewart, showing the colorful ocean from her travels to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Her photos also illustrate the warm sunset that can be enjoyed on the hill.

The following photos were submitted by freshman Koda Payton, who describes the last photo — his favorite — as “a gothic being looking longingly out of a church.” The first photo is of Koda’s cat, Squish, as he yawns in the afternoon light.

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