The following films and actors are hot contenders for the upcoming award season, especially for the Academy Awards. Here are some of my predictions based on the Oscar Buzz.

“Big Eyes”
Best Leading Actress:

Directed by the continuously successful Tim Burton, “Big Eyes” is a true story featuring Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), a struggling painter who is married to Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz). Walter claims credit for the paintings his wife creates because he believes that, with her name on them, the paintings would not sell. I’m anticipating a nomination for Amy Adams as Best Leading Actress, especially since she has grown so spectacularly as an actress and has plenty of nominations under her belt. “Big Eyes” will be released in theaters Dec. 25.

Best Leading Actor:

“Selma” is the motivational story of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. David Oyelowo’s role as Dr. King is already inspirational in the trailer and has the potential to carry him to a nomination for Best Leading Actor. I believe his chances at an Oscar nomination are high. The film will be released on Jan. 9.

Best Director and Best Picture:

“Boyhood” is bound to get a nomination for Best Director and maybe even Best Picture. This unique project from Richard Linklater started 12 years ago, and has actually followed and filmed Ellar Coltrane ever since. This original approach may have fallen flat with audiences because it is so singular, but hopefully the Academy is more receptive to it. “Boyhood” premiered Aug. 15 to a positive review on Rotten Tomatoes, averaging a 9.8/10 score.

“The Imitation Game”
Best Leading Actor, Support Actor and Supporting Actress:

As always, Benedict Cumberbatch will likely bring a full performance to the screen, warranting a Best Leading Actor nomination. “The Imitation Game,” a story about the British attempting to decode German messages during World War II, features an amazing supporting cast that will only push Cumberbatch forward. Keira Knightley and Mathew Goode may snag nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor, respectively. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see this on the list for Best Picture. The movie will be released in theaters Nov. 28.

“The Theory of Everything”
Best Picture:

“The Theory of Everything” is the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of Stephen Hawking and his first wife. The development of Hawking’s sickness and his fame as an incredibly intelligent physicist looks like it was created well, at first glance. Eddie Redmayne and Felicitiy Jones are a beautiful and strong couple who face difficulty head on. I look forward to the nominations for this film after its release Jan. 1, as there are many possibilities for “The Theory of Everything,” especially for Best Picture.

Best Picture:

Christopher Nolan’s thrust back into the film world after his successful Batman trilogy, “Interstellar,” is beautiful. It is worth seeing it in IMAX and it would be worth a Best Picture Nomination. The cinematography of the film is gorgeous and incredibly visually pleasing. I highly recommend it and hope that it is successful. “Interstellar” was released in theaters Nov. 7.