2024 New Year’s Resolutions

I am a person who thrives off of setting goals. I like to think realistically about the path ahead of me and break it down into the steps I need to take in order for it to be a walkable one. Sometimes it’s planning to brush some of the leaves out of the way on the path, tightening the laces on my shoes as I go, or just stopping every once in a while to soak up the view around me. 

My resolutions for 2024 are reminders to myself as I continue on my path. This is my last semester at Jewell, so of course I have graduating as a resolution. I also have reminders for myself because I know a goal isn’t as easy to manifest as it is to write it down. The reminders are going to keep propelling me through the tough days and allow me to realize how far I’ve come since the fall of 2020 when I first started at Jewell. When I stray from my path or want to stop walking it completely, these resolutions are my signposts.

Another resolution of mine is to save money and replenish my savings. I had a similar goal for 2023, but I am carrying it over into the new year because I want to continue to be conscious about my finances and work on improving my spending habits. I have some goals in 2023 that I felt I achieved but are still worth rolling over into this year simply because I felt they were good for me and are worthy skills to keep cultivating. 

One of those goals included feeling my emotions fiercely instead of bottling them up. For years, I have suppressed my true feelings and have let a numbing state wash over me when it came to looking my past in the face. That came back to bite me in the ass in moments where I felt overwhelmed when I allowed myself to feel anything at all. That is when I made a vow to myself to take whatever time I need to process things the way that I feel fit (taking time to cry, to journal, to truly feel my anger or sadness towards a situation, etc.) Another resolution that I rolled over into this year was taking the time to stop and live in the present moment as often as possible. I lost someone really close to me in my life, and that reminds me to be grateful for every day I have, even if it is an utterly mundane day.

My final resolution is to speak up for myself and speak my mind. In a group setting, I don’t usually tend to speak up when something bothers me, and I think that my kindness is often taken for weakness. This will be a more challenging goal for me because I am not a confrontational person, but I know growth will come hand in hand with discomfort.

Overall, I know that 2024 is going to bring many new opportunities and growth, and I am ready to embrace it with open arms.

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