A look at “The 3rd Annual Liberty Public Schools Art Showcase”

The Stocksdale Gallery is exhibiting the “Third Annual Liberty Public Schools Art Showcase” from Mar. 21 through May 13. This exhibit is notably distinct from the previous artwork held at the Stockdale Galley, “The Elegant Line.” The works in The Third Annual Liberty Public Schools Art Showcase offer art from various ages and mediums, ranging from kindergarteners to high school seniors, while “The Elegant Line” featured work from one singular established artist.

The bright colors within the artwork paint the walls around the gallery. The sculptures made of clay, cardboard and more all create a unique environment pleasing to the eye. There was so much to look at, and every piece in the gallery drew my attention.

A collection of artwork from the eighth grade class at Heritage Middle School. Photograph courtesy of Koda Payton.

The sculpture that first caught my interest was “Leaf Basket,” created by sophomore Addie Shields from Liberty High School. I was immediately attracted to the simplistic design. Although “Leaf Basket” was just made from clay, jute and stain, the unique textures and techniques from the artist give the illusion of real leaves and a real wooden basket.

“Leaf Basket” by Addie Shields, a sophomore at Liberty High School. Photo courtesy of Koda Payton.

Another favorite piece of mine was a drawing by Kaelyn Greer, an 8th grader from Heritage Middle School. I love frogs, but it was the structure of this piece that drew me in. The soft colors contrasted with the black and white ink, giving the drawing a professional appearance. This was true about all the art from this section within the showcase. It was very well done and executed perfectly.
A frog drawing by Kaelyn Gleer, an eighth grader from Heritage Middle School. Photo courtesy of Koda Payton.

Seeing such a range of talent within our Liberty community and youth is exciting, and I hope to see many of these young artists in our gallery again.

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