A Look at “The Elegant Line: Three Artists, One Show”

A glance at the setup of “The Elegant Line” by Koda Payton.

From January 16 through March 9, the Stocksdale Gallery is holding an exhibit titled “The Elegant Line: Three Artists, One Show” featuring the work of Cathy Broski, Kēvin Callahan, and Marti Dodge.

Walking into the Stocksdale Gallery, I was mesmerized by the vivacious colors and mood filling the room. A perfect balance of metals, woods, paintings and ceramics came together to form a mellow aura and relaxing environment. I felt as if I had entered a separate dimension of calm and bliss.

The piece that stuck out to me the most was Marti Dodge’s wooden sculpture titled “One World, Same Boat.” It was unique and playful. The simplicity of the artist’s style juxtaposed to its message made it easy to admire, yet thought-provoking. 

Marti Dodge’s “One World, Same Boat” by Koda Payton.

Although I have visited many exhibits around the Kansas City area, I have never been as immersed in the art around me as I was when viewing “The Elegant Line.” This exhibit is by far my favorite I’ve seen at the gallery, and I hope to explore more of Marti Dodge’s works in the future.

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