A Preview of CUA Events

This year, Thais Quiroga, sophomore Oxbridge history of ideas and international relations major, and Mady Hague, sophomore, have taken on the task of being co-directors of Campus Union Activities (CUA). CUA is given a budget each year and is asked to produce fun events for the William Jewell College community to enjoy during study breaks. With the help of their team members, Hague and Quiroga organize events, advertise them and make sure they go off without a hitch. They have plenty of exciting events planned already and would love to share them.

CUA will be continuing with some of Jewell’s favorite events like Lighting of the Quad, CUA winter and spring formals and CUAt the Movies. All of the dates for these events will be sent out in emails, so keep an eye out for the invitations.

Jewellstock Thursday, April 28, 2016 at William Jewell College.
Jewellstock Thursday, April 28, 2016 at William Jewell College.

Lighting of the Quad is a long standing tradition that involves a lot of cookies, Christmas lights and candles. Jewell students gather on the quad to watch the buildings they walk past every day be decorated with twinkling lights. During this time, the quad is always full of shivering students with big smiles.

Winter and spring formals bring the entire campus together to enjoy food, dancing and Jewell community. They always take place in a location that students love and allow the student body to take a much needed break to have fun.

CUAt the Movies is an event that allows Jewell students to put the books down for about two hours and go choose a movie to watch for free at the local movie theater.

Along with CUA’s traditional events, Hague and Quiroga are adding new events to the 2016-2017 calendar. The first CUAt the Drive-In is scheduled for the weekend of homecoming. It will be similar to CUAt the Movies, but students will be able to enjoy the fall weather and community with fellow students.

Later in the semester, CUA is excited to present an “Escape Room” event. Escape Room is a game where each team gets locked in a room, assigned a task and then must solve their way out of the room. It’s challenging, but always ends with exciting stories and lots of laughs. Finally, CUA is planning an event called “Late Night Odyssey Climb” with s’mores.

Another change this year is the time of CUA events. CUA is making an effort to schedule more events on Saturday night in order to provide students that are around campus on the weekend to have fun things to do. A lot of CUA events are on Wed night or on the weekend.

Hague and Quiroga are excited to have the students of Jewell participate in CUA this year. If you would like to help, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities, especially when events like Lighting of the Quad and Jewellstock draw closer. This year looks like it will be filled with exciting events, so keep your eyes open for the CUA emails!

All photos taken by Chandler Eaton.

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