A review of Morning Day Café

If Morning Day Café (MDC) were a laptop it would be littered with bumper stickers that read “good vibes only,” “save the bees,” “eat organic” and “stay funky.” The local eatery and coffee stop is dedicated to sustainability and serves up a breakfast and lunch that is chemical-free, unprocessed and abound with gluten-free and vegetarian options—all in a hip and comforting atmosphere.

I walked into MDC on a Monday morning with allergies chiseling a hole into my sinuses. Praying for healing qualities, I ordered a ginger tea made with freshly minced ginger root, local honey and coconut milk for $3.25. The tea was served on a long plate painted with a banana leaf. The potion was soothing and fresh. I sat back and sipped while I listened to the café’s soundtrack playing James Taylor and Simon and Garfunkel.

Next I ordered Breakfast in Bed, which is a croissant sandwich with ham, cheddar, herb cream cheese and a poached egg served with a thinly sliced red-delicious apple drizzled with caramel for $8.75. The breakfast sandwich was so messy I was tempted to grab a fork. Instead, I championed through with croissant flakes dropping into my shirtsleeves—thoroughly thankful I didn’t invite a friend on the journey last minute, earning me the right to be as messy as I pleased as no one was there to judge. Needless to say, the meal was delicious and worth the greasy fingers.

Now with a full tummy I began observing the ambiance of the café that seemed to meld together and create a singular feeling of peaceful invigoration. MDC has a mix-match style that sets all types at ease, as diners sit in old-fashioned spindled chairs painted pink next to church pews all against a backdrop of exposed-brick walls juxtaposed with a few bright green and blue walls.

Photo courtesy of Morning Day Café
Photo courtesy of Morning Day Café

A fireplace, mason jar water glasses and local artists’ paintings that adorn the walls lend to the comforting and free atmosphere. MDC also has an outdoor seating area in the back with string lights stretched overhead.

An aquaponics system, a symbiotic environment used to sustainably raise plants and animals, stands in the middle of the café. The system includes various suspended watering cans streaming into one another culminating into a bathtub filled with frolicking goldfish and is crowned at the top with strings of ivy that reach all the way to the ceiling. William Jewell College students helped install the network.

MDC is just a short walk from the Jewell campus and located on E Franklin Street on the Liberty Square. Breakfast, lunch, small bites, coffee and tea are served from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week.

The menu reads, “Eat local, eat natural, smile, belly-laugh, and have a beautiful morning day.” The Café just launched a new menu March 3 boasting sections ranging from “morning munchies” to entrees. MDC dishes plunge on the wild side with B-Mac, a breakfast macaroni and cheese ($10), but also satisfy the less adventurous with classics such as pancakes ($6) and omelets ($7.50). For lunch expect a variety of salads and sandwiches such as the “Sunday Driver” with house-made pesto, provolone, turkey, cucumber and tomato on a torta roll for $8. Entrees span from “Quinoa Krakatoa” ($9.50) to a locally sourced sirloin steak for $15.

Some may be familiar with the café’s former Night Bites in which the restaurant was open late and featured live music. Due to staff shortage MDC is currently not able to continue with the ritual.

However, MDC is open late every fourth Friday and Saturday of the month until 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. respectively. The café also has Art Bash the last Saturday of the month in which the eatery is open late and features live music and food specials. I also eyed a disco ball hanging in the restaurant. I am not sure if this is involved in the late night offerings, but you can bet I will be back on March 26 to find out.

At the end of my experience, I walked out of MDC with—still a sinus headache—but a quieter mind and a happy stomach.

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