Advice Column: LaDues and Don’ts

Am I allowed to walk on the quad grass?

First of all, is this even a real question? The answer is – and has always been – and always will be: NO! It’s ridiculous how much disrespect some people have for that grass. The ONLY people who should be walking on that grass are alumni who have paid off their rights in order to do so. We do not pay $45,000 a year to keep the grass pretty so you can stomp all over it. After all, D2 school, D1 grass, am I right?

Will I fit in at Jewell if I don’t have stickers on my laptop?

I hope so! I don’t even have a laptop; in fact, I’m writing this article on my iMac Desktop, which also does not have stickers. I know it’s probably very intimidating to see everyone flaunting their RedBubble glam, but that’s how they choose to express themselves. I believe that everyone has their own way of showing people what they believe or have a lot of interest in. My suggestion for you is to find your own way of expressing your interests. Yeah, maybe you don’t have a YETI sticker like everyone else here, but maybe bring your Yeti to class so people know how truly passionate you are about having cold drinks.

In all seriousness, find what way of expression works best for you. If wearing band tees is your thing, I’m sure there is someone at Jewell who would love to talk to you about Nirvana. The options are limitless. Next time you’re doubting your place at Jewell because you don’t have cool graphics on your laptop, remember that there are so many others ways to let people know how cool you truly are.

If there is a fridge on the steps of LCA for a week, can I take it?

Please don’t take that fridge; it is mine. I’m being serious, too! I had my fridge outside because even though I had cleaned my fridge before and after I moved in and out, it smelled like…fridge. So I decided to bleach it once again and let it sit outside so all smell could dissipate. I am happy to announce that my plan worked and I now have a fridge that doesn’t make me want to gag every time I open it. In order to reduce the amount of property theft on campus, I would always suggest trying to find the owner of any lost item you do find on campus. If your investigation is a flop, it’s probably best to leave things where you found them, just in case their owner comes back to find them.

Who is Kiki?

The Reader’s Digest version of this answer would be: “simply the best person you will ever meet.” But let me explain to you how wonderful Kiki is. Kiki Strecker is the director of dining services at William Jewell, and even though she may be small, she plays a big role regarding the food we have available to enjoy. I would encourage you to strike up a conversation with her sometime. She is kind, inviting and extremely personable. I have never met someone so passionate about their job. If you ever have a request or comment regarding dining services, she will do her best to accommodate you! She is iconic.

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Photo courtesy of Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe.

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