Advice Column: LaDues and Don’ts

If I’m on a dating app and I see another Jewell student, should I see if we match or should I approach them IRL?

This is a really good question. I would say that if it is a student you see often or even interact with in class, I would try to engage with them in real life. I always think it’s more personable and warming to talk face to face – it is the best way to show a person who you truly are and you won’t feel like you have to put on your internet persona. But if you’ve been admiring this person from a distance, I would say go ahead with online interaction, just don’t be disheartened if you don’t match it’s always difficult to know what people online are like in real life.

I just transferred here, what can I do for fun at Jewell?

First of all, welcome to The Hill! I am so excited to see all the new faces on campus this year. As you have probably found out, William Jewell College is a little smaller than most colleges in the United States, so naturally, there seems to be less to do on campus and in the surrounding areas. But do not let this stop you from thriving. Three of my favorite things to do on campus and around the area are to run through the front fountain, get caffeinated at a local coffee shop and explore Kansas City using the streetcar! First of all, try to choose a rainy day to run through the fountain, that way people just think you got wet walking to class. After drying off head down to the Liberty square and get a drink at Jewell’s favorite coffee shop, Hammerhand Coffee. Even if you don’t like coffee, like me, there is a large variety of beverages available to warm your stomach. Now that you’re energized and ready, get a group of friends (and Jewell students don’t normally bite) to go downtown and just have a spontaneous day. Ride the streetcar, walk around the River Market or take in the breathtaking view of Kansas City from the Liberty Memorial. Anything you do at Jewell can be fun as long as you’re surrounded by good company.

How do I avoid the freshman fifteen?

My initial reaction is to tell you to gain 20 pounds instead. But, in all seriousness, eat normally! Try to get three balanced meals a day and have plenty and fruit and veggies. I know this is almost impossible in college, but as long as you watch what you eat you should be okay. If you find yourself gaining more weight than you want, I would suggest cutting out certain foods or drinks that are high in fat content or calories. I have found that cutting out all forms of soda is extremely helpful. Personally, every time I see myself about to get Pepsi from the cafeteria, I just move my cup a few spaces over and get some juice or water instead.

What’s the best way to reconnect with old friends as a College alumnus?

If you were a part of any organization, such as Greek Life or an honors society, I would suggest reaching out to them to see if there is some sort of roster available. But if that doesn’t work, one fun way to reconnect with old friends would be to come to some of our home sports events, especially homecoming. I’m sure that if you come to campus on Oct. 6, you will run into at least a few of your peers while cheering for the Cardinals as we play the Southwest Baptist Wildcats.


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