AFE: Women like sports too!?

Image courtesy of Aberdeen Football Club.

Every guy loves sports, because sports are something only men can enjoy. Women don’t like them because they’re not related to fashion or shopping, so they’re either bored or they hurt themselves because they’re too delicate. But sometimes, there’s always that one girl that claims she loves sports.

It is of general knowledge that no woman actually likes sports, it’s not in their nature. They only say that to get a guy’s attention – everyone knows that. Girls try to trick guys all the time, and pretending to understand sports it’s just one of them.

“Yeah, I’ve met one of those before. She wasn’t that cute, but she was okay, that’s why I talked to her. At first, when I asked her the players’ names and positions she knew the answers. But I knew that she was just trying to impress me when I asked her the blood type of the dog of the second cousin of the Chiefs quarterback from 1975 and she didn’t know the answer. You just can’t trust women, dude” shared anonymous frat guy with the Monitor.

Some women dare to try to be like men and play sports too. But it is a known fact that they will never be as good as men – they’re too emotional and don’t know how to play as a team, because that’s just how women are. No one would rather watch a female team play than a male team. Women should stick to what they were made for, which is not sports.

Most men would agree with the statement, but for some reason, a few guys disagree.

“This one time I was watching TV and they had women’s soccer on. First I was surprised to see that women knew what soccer was. Then, I was confused on how they the game came to be aired on TV. You can imagine how I felt when I realized that that game was their World Cup. After seeing that I thought, maybe girls like sports too?” said another anonymous source.

Some sources have seen the same pattern going on the video games world. It is quite understandable for women to go after athletes, but there is no rational explanation to why they were pretending to like video games to impress nerds.   

“It is obvious they’re only doing it for attention. They know they will be the only girl online, so they’ll will be the center of attention. They’re are usually ugly, for sure. That’s why they’re online, so no one knows how they actually look like” shared a confidential source, that lives in his mom’s basement.  

Overall, it is still not a confirmed fact if females are capable of liking sports or not. Most of the male population claims that it’s impossible, but there are studies in progress right now to determine if women are capable of doing something such as liking and playing sports for self pleasure, and not to impress guys.

Hopefully, with the conclusions of those studies, it will be clear that women don’t have the capacity to do anything without the intent of getting male attention.


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