“American Horror Story: Freakshow” brings an all-star cast and another season of nightmares

If you were a fan of American Horror Story: Asylum, then you are going to love the Freakshow. Jessica Lange plays Elsa, the ring master, and the entire circus is her creation. Each monster hides a unique story, but the real theme of the show is the monsters that live inside of each of us. The cast includes familiar faces like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and even Emma Roberts. The star studded cast puts 110 percent into their characters. The first episode reeled me in with all the subplots and stories so much that I couldn’t wait for the next. The second and third episodes exceeded my expectations and I’m definitely coming back for more.

The freakshow takes place out the outskirts of Jupiter, Florida in 1952. There are “freaks” from different walks of life trying to find a place that accepts them, while allowing them to show their unique talents. Everyone is hiding a secret and there are very good reasons that each of them ended up in Elsa’s circus. Elsa uses the monsters as a way to make her way back into show business after becoming a “has-been” cabaret singer after World War II. Jimmy Darling, played by Evan Peters, is lobster boy; his main attraction are his large, deformed hands, which resemble lobster claws. Then we have Kathy Bates, Ethel Darling, Jimmy’s mother, the bearded lady. She is Elsa’s right hand woman and the brains behind the circus. Sarah Paulson plays the Siamese twins, Bette and Dot Tattler, who are the new girls at the Freakshow. They hide a pretty big secret that develops as the season progresses. Emma Roberts plays Maggie Esmeralda, the mysterious gypsy.

This show is completely different from anything on TV with its writing, cast and plot. If you are searching for something new, refreshing and completely addicting, I would definitely recommend AHS. You can even binge-watch the other three seasons on Netflix. The only disclaimer I would give is about the clown. I’m not even afraid of clowns, but this clown has to be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s the mass murderer running around Jupiter doing some really messed up things like abducting children and dismembering adults. I’m all for gore and guts, but he takes it to an unspeakable level. John Carroll Lynch plays Twisty the Clown and he does an over-the-top, unbelievable job of it. I’m anxious to find out what he is hiding behind that creepy masked smile.

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