Animal shelters, tourism and development measures on the Nov. 4 ballot

New taxes to fund Animal Shelters, increase tourism and promote development in the City of Liberty are all on the November 4 ballot for residents of Liberty.

Nov. 4, 2014 is not only an exciting day because of the federal elections, but also because of new city-wide measures for the city of Liberty. Liberty residents have taken, interest in voting on three specific initiatives this fall: using tax dollars for overcrowded animal shelters, creating a transient tax to attract more tourists and visitors to Liberty, using an economic development tax to increase land for business and residential growth and to help with the congestion of traffic. These initiatives all focus on the economy and residents of Liberty as well as focusing on the rising population and public.

The first ballot question pertains to a use tax. The city is asking voters if they would like to institute a 2.5% use tax, which is equal to the city’s sales tax. If approved, Liberty can improve conditions for overcrowded animal shelters which have been around since 1974. If it is approved, the use tax would only apply on transactions where no local sales tax is already collected. The shelter serves 600 animals a year and is growing rapidly with the increase of residential population in Liberty. The vote would ensure the construction of a new animal shelter with updated technology and an increase in staff to help animals in need.

The second ballot question involves the introduction of a transient guest tax. This tax would help promote tourism and provide the funds to showcase the city of Liberty. If this tax is approved it would generate approximately $168,000 which would go towards the construction of way-finding signs in Liberty; in turn supporting Liberty festivals and special events. It would also support funding of public art to attract new tourists to Liberty. Guests and tourists who stay in Liberty hotels and motels would pay a 5% transient guest tax to help fund the project.

The final question on the ballot pertain to an Economic Development Tax. Liberty is asking voters to implement 3/8 Economic Development Tax for road and residential construction. The current congestion of traffic in Liberty is a huge problem, so this tax would extend South Liberty Parkway from Withers Road to M-291. It would also improve Historic Downtown and increase the construction of sidewalks and crosswalks. Liberty residents and nonresidents would pay this tax, because it would apply to anyone who shops in Liberty. The tax, if approved, would begin Apr. 1, 2015 and expire Mar. 31, 2035. This would also open more land for residential and commercial re-development.

For more information on any ballot measures and the upcoming ballot questions you can visit the city’s website at

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