Athlete of the Week: Jordan Lewis, basketball

Jordan Lewis, senior psychology major and guard for the men’s basketball team, scored a total of 46 points in the past two games for the Cardinals. Though the men’s team did fall these last two head-to-heads, Lewis’ stats have consistently proven him to be a worthy opponent, as he is consistently one of the top scorers. His leadership on and also off the court has made him a key player for the men’s basketball team.

“I also think a leader should be a servant to his or her followers. So my teammates know that they can come to me for advice, help with stuff basketball-related or otherwise. I think that helps with gaining the respect of your teammates when they know you care about them,” said Lewis.

Recently, Lewis and his younger brother were featured in the The Liberty Tribune, showing that basketball for Lewis has always been a long-time family affair; especially since he started playing on an organized team at the age of six.

“I grew up with basketball always on TV, toy basketballs and Fisher Price hoops in my room and all that stuff,” said Lewis.

Lewis has received academic awards such as the National Association of Basketball Coaches Honor Court, which he was awarded during the 2013-2014 season. In addition to numerous basketball records and accomplishments he has collected, such as the Bill Summer’s Newcomer of the Year Award, which he was awarded as a first-year at Jewell. But Lewis’ success doesn’t come easily.

“Getting treatment like ice, proper rest and stretching is also a big part of staying at your best. It seems like a small thing, but especially with the injuries to my ankle it is important that I get the treatment I need to stay strong and healthy and our training staff does a great job with that,” Lewis said.

Lewis is currently averaging 14.5 points per game this season and playing an average of 27.7 minutes per game, according to His free throw average has been consistently strong throughout his Jewell career, the highest being 89.9 percent last season; however, this season is has not yet ended for the men’s team.

Lewis is hopeful that the team will continue to progress and that the season can end positively.

“We have five games left that we all feel like we should win, so if we continue to play well and defend like we have been, and hopefully shoot it a little better as a team we definitely like our chances. I think I speak for each player when I say we feel that we can compete with any team in the country with the way we’ve been playing,” said Lewis.

The men’s basketball team will play their next game Feb. 15 at the University of Illinois in Springfield.


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