Bent Over Backwards: A preview of the current Stocksdale gallery exhibit

Artist Alicia ‘Lish’ Hoerman, who also goes by the artist name, “Brokenlishbone,” will have their work displayed throughout the Stocksdale gallery until Dec. 16. The show is titled “Bent Over Backwards.” 

A series of illustrations of a character named “The Fool.”

Hoerman’s work is predominantly digital, stylized as bright and playful while maintaining dark undertones. In their artist statement, they refer to their work as “macabre with a candy coating.” Oftentimes, Hoerman’s illustrations feature invented characters with corresponding environments around them. In one piece, a character named Pesto the Possum boxes with a mantis named Marrow. 

A colorful digital illustration and the sketch that proceeded it.

Hoerman uses a variety of mediums throughout the collection. One mixed media piece titled “Create Xing” is a deer-like creature painted on cardboard, holding a metal stop sign. They use ink and graphite to show their creative process. Next to their finalized digital pieces, they display sketches they made on paper. Allowing the audience to perceive the beginning of an idea before the final polished piece shows a certain amount of vulnerability from the artist which not only contributes visually but is also conceptually appealing. Displaying their process is fitting, as the show is meant to depict the intimate thoughts and feelings of Hoerman. 

A mixed media piece titled “Create Xing”

“These pieces are my dreams, my hopes, my fears,” Hoerman details in their artist statement. “These are my defying thoughts and defining memories.” 

They also refer to the works as a collection of memories. Hoerman invites viewers to explore these memories in hopes that onlookers might find joy in the works or even relate to them personally.

Photos by Claire Henry.

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