The best music for studying

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One side effect to being enrolled in a college is many nights filled with endless studying – which we all know can be quite a draining task. However, there is a simple solution to this tedious task: listening to music. Depending on who you are as a person, the music to which you are listening may vary — from rap all the way to slow, sad songs. So where do we start when we want a good playlist to listen to while studying?

Classical Music 

We all know that classical music has to be on this list. Who doesn’t love listening to beautiful piano mixes and strings making outstanding melodies? According to a study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine, classical music “can help your brain absorb and interpret new information more easily.” This is great news for people who are in dire need to quickly learn or memorize material, as well as people who love classical music. 


Due to uprising popularity, lofi is now considered one of the best music genres to listen to while studying. The mix of calming chords and beats form songs that are easy-going and create an environment where you can focus more easily. Another great aspect of lofi is there are no words, so there are little to no distractions while listening to this type of background music. 

Indie music

Just like lofi, indie music is rising in popularity and is great to listen to while studying. This genre is relaxed and calming and can easily be found in study playlists across Apple Music, Spotify or even YouTube. There are many different kinds of songs that are classified as indie music, so it is simply a preference of which songs would be most beneficial for people who are studying. 


Instrumental music is also on the list for best songs to listen to – and for good reason. This kind of music can allow you to concentrate fully as there are no lyrics and no distractions within the songs. Instrumental music can have a wide range of types too, such as the Mario Kart soundtrack, movie soundtracks or even music simply composed with no words. Adding a couple of instrumental songs to your study playlist may be the key to good grades.

When it comes down to it, the person studying needs to do what is best for them, whether that’s listening to rock and roll, lofi, r&b or anything else. If you need to find inspiration and motivation to keep studying, I highly recommend listening to some songs that fall into these four categories, as they may be the key to better focus and good grades.

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