Best of Liberty: Woodneath Library Center

A library. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Around the corner and to your right, if you keep driving past Target and Best Buy, there are many large trees and houses. Then, if you make a left turn you’ll find the entrance to the Woodneath Library Center on Flintlock Road.

This is a beautiful library that is part renovated historic home and part modern library building. Woodneath has a huge field with a walking trail, a drive-thru for books and a high-tech belt for book returns.

Inside of this library can be found polished wooden floors, glass cabinets and a setup that is much like the one in the PLC. There’s a computer hub at the front of the room for everyone who wants to work on a device. The bookshelves are in the back portion of the library just after the computer hub. To the right, hidden in the back corner is the kids area. And, yes the kids have their own devices to play on and a plethora of children’s books.

In the back left part of Woodneath is the teen section. They have summer, winter, fall and – you guessed it – spring reading competitions for teens. Whenever a teen finishes a reading list, they get a free book.

There are snazzier prizes for completing the adult reading competitions – such as mugs.

The parts of this library that I really appreciate are the tours they give of the historical slave plantation home, the book creator machine and the special visits authors make. The historical slave plantation home is refurbished and maintained to a certain degree and is really cool to explore if you like American history. It is a very large and expensive home, and it’s not very hard to imagine how beautiful it used to be.

Woodneath also has a machine that allows you to create a physical copy or copies of any books, novels or novellas you’ve written. It does cost money, but the machine is really awesome to look at if you’re at all into gadgets – and getting a book made is still a reasonable price.

Prominent and famous authors sometimes come  to the library to discuss their latest novels, answer questions or sign the audience’s copies of books. If you keep an eye on their website, the library posts the next author that will visit.

The last author that graced Woodneath’s presence was Gillian Flynn a couple of years ago. Do make sure that if you find out a famous author will be there that you RSVP ahead of time on their website.


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