AFE: Bottom of Curry Hall has been on fire for days, no one has noticed

The basement of Curry Hall has been on fire for four days now. The cause of the fire is unknown, much like the location of the building is to students. The fire has yet to have been extinguished and there has been almost no attention given to the fire on Yik Yak, the app popularly thought to be the place to write anonymously about whatever Greek organization was annoying you that day. The only Yaks that might have been about the fire were, “The caf is on fire 2nite” and a few Yaks were found to have included the fire emoji.

Many students walk past Curry Hall on their way to class, and even a few work inside the building. However, as far as this reporter knows, the fire has yet to be reported and continues to burn without any notice from the students. After examining the area myself, the building is clearly on fire, producing large clouds of black smoke that many have chosen to blame on the mass amount of student smokers on campus and the building is on the verge of collapsing.

Madeline Cox, junior nursing major, was amazed at rediscovering this building.

“I thought that when the PLC was built and since no one uses Curry now, they had just torn it down. But I was walking to class one day when I looked to my right, and well, there it was. Much to my surprise, people seemed to be walking in and out of the building. It was like they were actually using it,” Cox said.

Caroline Wells, junior nonprofit major, had concern for her peers’ safety and was surprised to find out that the building was on fire.

“Do other students know that this building is here? What if they run into it trying to get to the PLC or on their way to lunch? It just doesn’t seem safe to have this building on campus, especially if it is burning,” Wells said.

Madison Cimpl, junior nursing major, in a surprising turn of events, confessed to starting the fire.

“Yeah it was me. Since they moved the nursing commons to the basement of Curry, I haven’t been able to find a great spot to study that wasn’t full of other students. If I’m going to be honest, I would do it again if I had to,” Cimpl said. 

Perhaps with this confession, the College will extinguish the fire before it spreads to more important buildings.

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