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The Hilltop Monitor sat down with Patti Stark, owner of Serenity on the Square, to discuss her lifestyle in the health and wellness sector, the best part of owning and operating a business on the Liberty Square and her love for all things yoga and meditation. 

Stark fondly recalled her journey to her current holistic lifestyle in a warm yoga studio on a Friday afternoon. She credits high stress levels as what led her to this new lifestyle thirty years prior. 

“I worked in a nonprofit at the time and one of my friends was a therapist… we were talking one day and she said, ‘ you don’t necessarily need therapy, you need meditation,’” Stark said. “She got me hooked up with some classes, and the first class I went to [I thought] ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve been missing this my whole life.’ I was supposed to be doing this.”

Stark noted that after meditation sessions, she felt her anxiety and heart palpitations decrease. 

“It seemed like every three or four months something else would be introduced that was different from what I was doing, it was more natural or holistic,” Stark said. “Every time something new came in and I did it and it worked, I was like, ‘I have to share that,” 

After Stark’s epiphany, she began leading meditation, life coaching and energy balancing. The previous owner of Serenity on the Square invited her to teach classes and, shortly after, decided to sell the business. It seemed only natural that Stark take over. 

“[Everything] happened too easy… I felt like it was my calling, you know, to create a place where people could come and really discover who they are,” Stark said. 

After taking charge of Serenity on the Square eleven and a half years ago, Stark noted that her favorite aspect of her business is still teaching and helping others. 

“I still love to teach a meditation or a yoga class or do a life coaching session with someone,” Stark said. “I love teaching because then I can really see people, the lightbulbs go on and I remember what that felt like.” 

Serenity on the Square offers a plethora of health and wellness services available to Jewell students accompanied by a Jewell-specific student discount. Additionally, Stark revealed that a collaboration between Serenity on the Square with yoga and coffee is in the works. Updates are available on their Facebook page.

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