Canuteson becomes Missouri’s youngest elected official

Junior Business Administration Major, Brennan Canuteson has been elected to serve on The Liberty Road District.

Brennan Canuteson, junior, was elected into office Apr. 7, 2015. She is the youngest elected official in the state of Missouri. Canuteson will serve on the Liberty Road District, a committee that allocates country funding to road projects in the city of Liberty and the village of Glenaire.

“In 2014, the Liberty Road District was responsible for allocating $340,600. This money was used to supplement the road maintenance budgets of the city of Liberty and the village of Glenaire,” Canuteson said when asked about the work the District has done in the past.

Because the campaign was local, Canuteson found that the ability to reach voters was simple and focused on targeting younger voters.

“I created a Facebook event to appeal to younger constituents and sent a mailer to all voting residents to reach the remainder of our target audience,” Canuteson said.

The business administration student is looking forward to her introduction into Liberty policies, as serving on the committee will be a starting point for her role in local politics. As of May 1, 2015 Canuteson has been sworn into office and has started her work for the Liberty Road District.

“Currently we’re finishing up construction at the South Liberty Interchange. After that, our focus will shift towards alleviating traffic where Kansas and 152 intersect I-35,” Canuteson said.

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