Digital Media Spotlight: Ryan West

More projects can be seen @ryanwestcreatives on Instagram. Photo provided by Ryan West.

Ryan West, a sophomore digital media communications major, is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, GIFT and is also working on developing a new design club at William Jewell College.

Along with being a full-time student, she owns her own business called “Ryan West Creatives.” Her business caters to individuals in need of creative products, such as web design, social media marketing, graphic design and photography. Her past work includes senior portraiture, engagement photography and design work for JoeShmoe’s coffee shop.

After attending Summit Technology Academy for her junior year of high school, she realized she was interested in photography and graphic design. Now, digital media is a passion of hers that she hopes to pursue as a career.

“I quickly fell in love with the different styles of design and learned how to make design ‘work.’ With photography, I’ve grown an eye for what looks best, especially with location, angles, posing and even outfits that the subjects wear.”

Her long-term goals include evolving her business and eventually becoming a digital media professor. West said no matter where she ends up, she would like to help people. Whether that’s helping them to grow their small business or capturing moments in their lives through photography, West wants to positively impact others through digital media.

An engagement photo by Ryan West.
A troll doll graphic by Ryan West.
A graphic for Joe’s Shmoes by Ryan West.

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