Featured Hometown: Spring Hill, Kansas

Spring Hill, Kansas is where Brayden Hart, junior history major, and Breonna Bigger, first-year psychology major, call their home. Slightly southwest of Overland Park, the town checks in at just over 6,600 residents according to the 2010 census. For context, Liberty, Missouri, has around 31,500 residents.

However, Spring Hill has actually doubled in size since 2000 and is one of the top growing cities in all of the Kansas City metropolitan area. While the town prides itself on their location, charm and affordable housing, Hart and Bigger provide a more intimate telling – not simply what can be found on their official website – of what life is really like in the little town they call home.

Both Hart and Bigger cite the people of the town as being one of the best parts of growing up and living in Spring Hill. Both speak of how mostly everyone knew everyone, which led to a lot of close friendships and relationships.

Both also complained about the lack of variety of things to do and places to eat, and how that has been a hindrance to their time spent in their hometown.

“[My] least favorite [part about Spring Hill] is that the place is mostly empty, and other than hanging out and talking, it’s hard to find much to do unless you want to drive 30 minutes,” Hart said. “Really all you got is the local Sonic and the K & M, which is a really nice BBQ spot. Mostly my friends and I would leave town to go to Olathe when we wanted something to do.”

Bigger speaks of memories and events that the town would always put on, such as a chili cook off, the Fall Festival and a street dance.

“There is [sic] not a whole lot of fun things to do, but I always enjoyed driving back roads [while] blaring music with your windows down, having a good ‘ol bonfire and, of course, going to Sonic with friends just to sit there for hours,” Bigger said.

According to Hart and Bigger, the only cool spots are the worlds’ largest kitty litter plant and the Viper’s Cave – an underpass where high schoolers would congregate and tag with graffiti.

They both enjoy Liberty more in terms of things to do but prefer the memories made in Spring Hill.

So, should you visit the small but charming town of Spring Hill, Kansas?

“No,” said Hart “There’s nothing really exciting about going to Spring Hill unless you know anyone there. So I guess if you’re friends with Bre or I, you might come out. But otherwise, go somewhere more exciting.”

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