Hammocking: A Field Guide to Jewell

 Harper Vincent explores the best places to literally hang out on the WJC campus.

The Jury is still out on whether hammocking is a sport, but here at William Jewell College, students can often be spotted lounging in Enos around campus. Even if a student doesn’t personally own one, hammocks are available to check out on the second floor of the PLC. For those who are new to the activity or the school, it can be hard to find good spots that provide both a change of scenery and a peaceful environment. That is why we have compiled a guide to some of the best spots around campus. Whether you want a spot to work on homework, take artsy photos, or hang out with your friends, there’ll be a perfect location for you.

Location 1: The Quad

Route: This one’s easy to find: in front of Jewell Hall, between the PLC and Curry.

Perks: Inarguably the most popular on campus, this spot is easily accessible from most buildings on campus, great for doing homework before class or socializing with your friends.

Possible hazards: Students walking to and from class can easily walk up and interrupt your hammocking time. Louder than more secluded spots around campus.



Location 2: Above the tennis courts

Route: Walk down the stairs between Brown Hall and Pillsbury Music Center, down the path, and to the left. See the short trees right above the tennis and sand volleyball courts.

Perks: Lots of shade, and fairly far away from any hubs of noise on campus.

Possible hazards: Mildly difficult to find a pair of trees that are tall enough to strap a hammock to. Branches are low, so a possibility of an errant leaf falling on your face.



Location 3: Any Jewell columns

Route: Can be found on many of the buildings located on the Quad.

Perks: An adventurous and unusual spot for the expert hammocker.

Possible hazards: Although unique, we don’t recommend setting up here (for too long) or else you risk blocking passage in and out of buildings.



Location 4: Behind White Science Center

Route: Walk (or roll) down the hill to the left of White Science’s second floor entrance, then walk a few paces to the right.

Perks: The trees are tall and sturdy, and many different options for you or your friends. Area is shady and somewhat secluded.

Possible hazards: Views are somewhat boring, not much greenery



Location 5: Outside the cemetery

Route: When walking from the first-year dorms to the upperclassman dorms, you can spot multiple trees right outside the cemetery opening.

Perks: Very shady and secluded, really close to all dorms, and great for when you need to get out of your room and outside for a bit.

Possible hazards: Branches are very low, and the vegetation is a bit overgrown and hard to navigate.


Special thanks to Jesse Lundervold for modeling and Chandler Eaton for location ideas.

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