Humans of Jewell

The list is built, the air is now chilled and Santa’s joy is ready to be fulfilled.

Santa, much like a college student, understands how busy and stressful this time of the year can be. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are Santa’s comprehensive finals.


“People think, ‘I want your job, Santa, you just work one day.’ But there’s an awful lot of getting ready for that one day a year, and an awful lot hanging on that one day, might I add. So it pretty much keeps me busy year round,” Santa said.

Santa marks the approaching holidays with the change of seasons. When summer turns into fall and we get that crisp cool air, the weather reminds him that Christmas will be here before he knows it.

“Ah, choosing between Hanging of the Green and Lighting of the Quad is always a tough decision, but let’s face it; Hanging of the Green is inside where it is nice and warm. The Lighting of the Quad puts me on the roof. While I am quite used to it, if it is cold, wet and slippery it is not as much fun,” Santa said.


Santa’s least favorite job is watching the naughty list grow. Last year Santa was working on an app that gave him a real-time update on the naughty and nice list, but, due to poor Wi-Fi connection, he was unable to access that technology.

Santa says the Wi-Fi may be down, but your kindness doesn’t have to be. He offered the inside scoop on how people can go from the nice to the naughty list.

“The biggest mistake is that people think they have been good up to this point so far this year, so surely they can get away with this little thing right now. You know, being nice is a year round thing, not a pick and choose. Keep that in mind,” Santa said.


Joyful with holiday spirit, Santa holds out hope that many will be able to switch to the nice list if they turn things around in the last week or so, but you just never know.

“I like to remind people that I don’t put you on the naughty or nice list, you put yourself on the naughty or nice list. You’ve got to remember that sometimes,” Santa said.

“A Christmas Carol” is Santa’s most cherished story of the holiday season, as it reminds him of what Christmas really means, and how the holiday is beyond ourselves and not all about us. Santa reminds us to be kind to one another this holiday season.

“I find when I’m in the middle of it all, there are two things: one, stay focused, make sure you see your goal, for me Christmas day is my goal, I’ve got to get to Christmas day. My other thing is try to find some time to relax, don’t, go go go go go and never stop for a cup of cocoa or a few cookies,” Santa said.


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