Humans of Jewell

Charlotte Burns, sophomore biology major, hopes to bring the College Diabetes Network (CDN) to William Jewell College. CDN is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide innovative student based programs to connect and empower students with Type 1 diabetes. It would be the first CDN chapter in the Kansas City metro area, and the second chapter to open in Missouri altogether.

“You don’t have to be diabetic to be in the program. You can be anyone who is a supporter of the cause,” said Burns.

Burns is the a third generation Jewell student. Her father and two of her grandparents attended, and it was the only college to which she applied.

“I grew up on campus, pretty much grew up on the Hill from visiting. It’s the only college I even considered,” said Burns.

Next year, Burns will begin her independent research sponsored by Dr. Jennifer Schafer and is thankful for the opportunity to do research in an undergraduate setting to present when applying for graduate school.

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