Humans of Jewell

Angela Martin and Cindy Eggleston, baristas at @TheBeak, came to William Jewell College to help support their children through college. Martin has been working at Jewell since 2011 while Eggleston started in August of 2015.

Martin and Eggleston shared with me why they love working at a school with such a tight knit community feel.

“The community network and how the kids really like to visit, they like to tell us how they’ve been doing and what they’ve been working on. We see them here early in the morning, even before I’m here,” said Martin.


Both Martin and Eggleston agree that working at Jewell has allowed them to form close connections with people they probably would not have met otherwise.

“I’ll be here for a while. I have a junior in high school and a seventh grader so I plan on staying for a while,” said Eggleston.

“When the kids come up we already know what they want and they love that. Or they’ll say, ‘Oh I’m going to change it up today’ since they know we already know what they want,” said Martin.



Photos courtesy of Harper Vincent.

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