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Savannah Simpson, junior nursing major, has always known that she loves to help others. Her chosen career path grants her many opportunities to do just that.

She shared her philosophy regarding her attitude towards any patients she encounters.

“I try to bring my own positivity towards the patient. They’re often in their most powerless state, so I try to make it my mission to lift them up and make what they’re going through a little easier,” she said.


Simpson values the personal connections that are made between the caring and the cared for.

“I struggle to care for patients in hospitals that I know I’ll never see again. I want to know what’s happened to someone once I’ve become invested in caring for them,” she said.

Simpson plans to move out of Kansas City after she graduates next May, hoping to gain some new life experiences and perspectives after living in the same area most of her life.

Savannah Simpson 2


All photos taken by Harper Vincent

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