Humans of Jewell

Mary Sallee, William Jewell College president David Sallee’s wife, checks her email as soon as she wakes up and falls asleep reading Cokie Roberts’ “Founding Mothers.” For all the time in between, Sallee is focused on the College community.

“When I reflect on memories its always some magical moment surrounding Jewell students,” Sallee said.

A moment that stands out to Sallee is observing first-year WJC students experience the snow falling at Lighting of the Quad.

M Sallee

Sallee also enjoys the maturity of upperclassman interactions during senior dinners.

“I think the most magical moments around that [senior dinners] are when I see students assume a really gracious role of asking questions of their classmates and listening to answers and to see just how profoundly kind they are in those moments and respectful of each other,” said Sallee.

According to Sallee, Jewell offers students not only enjoyment and peer cooperation but allows students to dabble their toes in a full array of opportunities.

“The least understood thing about Jewell is the diversity of the student experience,” said Sallee. “When I start talking about how you as a student have taken advantage of an internship, you learned the idea of networking as undergraduates and how you have learned to go out and research places to serve—people are amazed at how much Jewell students do.”

M. Sallee

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