Humans of Jewell

Becky Ginn Starnes, a counselor at Liberty High School, and her great-niece Faith Williams were enjoying a beautiful day on the swing. It is one of their favorite places around town.

Starnes shared her biggest struggle in life.

“My biggest struggle is not having enough time to do everything and be with different people in my life and do everything I want and need to do. I try to prioritize, but there are things that I have to get done. I work full-time, but I still try to prioritize, and I guess family comes first and then my church and God comes second.”

Human of Jewell

Starnes gave advice for college students.

“Do what makes you feel joy and what brings you happiness. There are some non-negotiable things, especially for college students to maintain their status and to be able to graduate. College students have to look at the big picture and try to focus on what they want their future to look like but also do what makes you joyful. Find joy in each day.”

Several family members of Starnes’s family members graduated from Jewell. Her family also has a scholarship to help college students who can’t afford Jewell tuition in honor of Faith’s great-grandparents.


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