Humans of Jewell

Dr. Rose Reynolds, biology professor, gave this week’s 500 words. She focused on achieving goals and the luck it takes to do so.

I had to opportunity to talk to Reynolds after chapel and began the conversation by asking her how William Jewell College has helped her achieve her goals.

“One of the things that I appreciate about being at Jewell is it’s a place where people allow themselves to have goals and dream big but also focus on the small everyday interactions, so I think being in an environment where goals and creativity are really fostered helps a lot. In other universities where I’ve been certainly you have the space and the facilities and things to achieve your goals, but it can be somewhat isolating because everyone is working on their own thing and you don’t get the feeling of us all being it in together. I get that feeling from Jewell. I feel like it’s a family.”

What some people may not know is that Dr. Reynolds is married to Kenneth Reynolds, the William Jewell Bookstore Manager. Dr. Reynolds had this to say about working on the same campus as her spouse.

“Well, it’s kind of funny because some people will meet him, and so I’m the wife of the bookstore manager, and some people meet me first, and he’s the husband of the professor. So that’s kind of funny, but it’s also really nice as well. We’ve never worked at the same place before, but we’ve always worked very hard. We started having children when I was still in school, and so often our schedules were so busy and our budget was so tight that we either had to be working or taking care of the children. We didn’t really have time together, and so this is nice because we’re both working during the day and sometimes we can have lunch together, so it’s really nice to be able to see each other. It’s also lucky that we work in different buildings. You know, you want that distance.”


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