Humans of Jewell

“The HR Department had the idea [of walking],” said Jennifer Gladbach from Admissions.

“They started a challenge for all faculty and staff. Participants were provided with FitBits. We started walking together as part of the challenge. We do it partly for health and partly for the social aspect,” said Donna Heishman from Admissions.

“We even get some work problems solved during walks,” said Carrie Stradella from the IT department.

“Random people tag along, even if they don’t have a FitBit. We’ve noticed other Jewell staff going for more walks around campus, including David Sallee,” said Heishman.


“It’s our birthdays today. We’re triplets, can’t you tell? No, we didn’t do anything special as far as walks go, but someone brought donuts this morning,” said Gladbach.

Photos courtesy of Chandler Eaton

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