I Look Incredible: at Liberty thrift shops

In my opinion, the best part about the whole hipster movement has been the clothing options. Spending $75 on shirt from Buckle is not cool anymore. Consumerism is not cute. The real cool kids raid their grandpa’s closet for new spring pieces or sew their clothes themselves from organic, cruelty-free tree bark. Most college students, though, do not have time to pursue these options, and for them thrift shops are a great place to turn.

In Liberty we are lucky enough to have a variety of thrift shops to choose from, but deciding where to go for your flannels can get a little overwhelming. I visited a few of the shops around town and got a feel for what they are like and what about them might appeal to other students. So, put on your favorite record, brew some fair trade coffee and let’s take a look at some of Liberty’s thrift shops.

thrift 2

Front of Hillcrest

The first shop I visited in town was Hillcrest, which is located on Mill Street near the police station. Hillcrest is decently sized and has a wide variety of items. There are racks of clothing, a section with games and toys, kitchenware, sports equipment and other items. There are plenty of items which, arguably, are not really useable, which means you might have to hunt to find something worth having. However, you can usually walk away with a sweater or button-down if you take the time to look. This is also a great place to buy used furniture if you are looking for a couch or chair for your room (I would recommend vacuuming and Febrezing furniture before regular use). I even know someone who bought a crock pot there once.

thrift 4

Front of Manor Thrift Shop

Immacolata Manor Thrift Shop is the smallest of the stores I visited and is located near Sutherlands. The items you would find there are similar to what you might find at Hillcrest, though there is a more limited selection. There is some furniture, a selection of kitchenware and racks of clothing with plenty of shoulder pads. There is also a selection of magazines and records for 25 cents, and there are some cool finds, if you are willing to take the time to look. The staff there was incredibly helpful and friendly. They were eager to help, but also did not hover when I said I just wanted to browse. This shop is worth checking out, but if you have a really specific item in mind, you may need to look elsewhere.

thrift 1

Front of Savers

Savers is the largest thrift shop in town and has an almost overwhelming number of racks of clothing. There are aisles devoted solely to jeans, and the selection of mens’ flannels cannot be beat. Everything in the store is really easy to find, and clothing items are around seven dollars. If you are looking for chunky sweaters, vintage shirts or costumes, Savers is probably your best bet, but you should be prepared to spend time searching.

While it may not be a true thrift shop, Plato’s Closet has discounted used clothing, shoes and accessories. It is probably my favorite place in town to look for clothes, although it is a bit more expensive than a typical thrift store. If you are looking for the thrifted, hipster look, this store is not your best bet. I stock up on jeans and work pants there and can usually get a pair of pants for under $10. It is also probably the best place to exchange your own old clothes for cash, although they will not take every item you bring, and you will get much less than you bought your clothes for in the first place. Additionally, this is the only store on this list that does not directly benefit a charity.

All of these stores require some time and effort on the part of the shopper, but each one has some potentially great finds. Thrift stores are a great way to save money, and shopping there can be a ton of fun. I suggest that you take a group of friends and visit these stores for yourself. You are sure to find some great items.

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