Progress updates on The Link Project: An interview with Clark Morris.

The proposed completed The Link Project. Photo by Koda Rose.

The Link Project is part of a larger capital campaign at William Jewell College called “In Pursuit.” Other parts of this campaign that have been completed include the hillside in front of Jewell Hall as well as the renovation of Mathes Hall. The Link Project has undergone planning and fundraising for the last five years.

According to Clark Morris, The Link was originally expected to cost twenty million dollars and has gone up to thirty million due to inflation. The project has been split into two phases due to this increase in cost. Construction for the first phase will be conducted while fundraising is completed for the second phase. This project will be fully funded by donations, so there will be no need to pull money from any other source because of this.

 A list of The Link Project donors. Photo by Koda Rose.

One of the major reasons for the construction of The Link is the expansion of the Athletics division of the College. Jewell has twenty-four different sports as of Sep. 6, and as Clark Morris, Vice President for Advancement, said: “We quite literally have run out of space.”

Once The Link Project is done, different sports can practice at the same time in different areas, making time management more efficient for coaches and athletes. The Link Project will also be “a giant improvement” to accessibility, according to Morris. 

Photo of The Link Project construction taken by Anna Bodine.

The hope is that improved parking will be available as soon as December of this year, and as late as March of next year.

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