Inscape releases 2021 issue online

A screenshot of the Inscape website, where you can find a digital version of the 2021 edition.

Inscape – William Jewell College’s artistic magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art from Jewell students – released its 2021 edition on April 23, honoring several contributors later that night at the Celebration of Honors.

Four contributing writers and artists received Student Publication Awards this year: Michaela Esau for Inscape Poem of the Year; Jenna Hultgren for Inscape Fiction of the Year; James Hobbs for Inscape Creative Nonfiction of the Year and Kenton Fox-Horst for Inscape Fine Art of the Year

Three poems by Esau, junior Oxbridge literature and theory and communications major, were published in the new edition of Inscape: ”The Ninnescah River,” “Paper Crane People” and “Laid Plans.” She emphasized the importance of being in nature and drawing on personal experiences as inspiration for these poems.

“I just love being in nature and I write whatever words that come to mind,” Esau said. “I think it’s easier to write in nature. ‘The Ninnescah River’ was about the time I spent in summer camp and my experience of growing up in church. I think that’s a big part of my life and that was something I reflected on in the poem. ‘Paper Crane People’ is just kind of about how to be a good person. It’s just a combination of different experiences.”

The 2021 issue of Inscape featured many of Jewell’s artistically-inclined students including Esau, Faith Harris, Krista Halstead, Kenton Horst-Fox, Savannah Hawley, Jenna Hultgren, Sequoia Crissman, Erin Gray, James Hobbs, Thom Hennelly and Isabel Warden. 

Although the magazine will not be printed this year, the new issue can be found on Inscape’s website and a physical copy can be purchased for $7.88.


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