Interview with a Jewell First-Year: Noah Mayo

Noah Mayo on Jewell’s track.

One of the most pivotal points in a young person’s life is leaving home and moving into a college dormitory. This marker on the timeline of life is one of the most memorable and fun experiences. When you move away from home to start your first year of college, you get a rush of excitement and independence. The anticipation of getting college life started is a life event worth hearing about. 

Noah Mayo is first-year at William Jewell College and comes from Plainfield, Illinois, where he attended Wheaton Academy. Plainfield is located in the suburbs of Chicago –  about 45 minutes outside of the city. He admits that “being far from home is hard.” Although Mayo misses home at times, he appreciates getting to experience living in a smaller city. I can relate to Mayo as I hail from south Texas. Noah, you will get used to it, man! 

Mayo was attracted to Jewell because he wanted to receive a liberal arts education. He is interested in the thought-provoking style that accompanies the liberal arts curriculum. Mayo seeks to view the world through a broad lens so that he can understand and appreciate it more. His eagerness to learn to think and not merely acquire information aligns with what Jewell stands for. 

Mayo is majoring in Oxbridge: Institutions and Policy – part of the Oxbridge Honors Program at Jewell. The Oxbridge Honors Program requires more commitment and thought than the traditional college major. 

“[I] knew that the Oxbridge Honors Program, especially the Institutions and Policy major, would give me the tools I needed to be successful for my future career,” Mayo said.

Mayo wants to eventually go to law school, and he knew this from the very start. He can already see that the Oxbridge Introductory Seminar –  the first Oxbridge-specific class in the four-year Oxbridge journey – prepares him to understand, speak and write about arguments with a critical eye. As a future lawyer, the skill-set of understanding the structure of an argument is an imperative one. So far, Mayo is delighted to see that what he thought he would get out of the Oxbridge Honors Program is coming to life. 

When Mayo is not studying, reading or writing, he runs as a sprinter on the Jewell track team  His featured event is the men’s 400-meter. Getting the opportunity to run college track was another influential component of Noah’s decision to come to Jewell. He is grateful for the chance to compete at a high-level as Jewell is part of the NCAA Great Lakes Valley Conference Division II. As Mayo’s daily training partner, I can attest that he is dedicated to competing at such a high-level. Noah is hopeful to speed-up his 400 time and enjoys living as a college student-athlete. 

Mayo’s favorite part about Jewell is the small class size.

“At a bigger school, it is easy to hide – but here, that’s not really an option!” said Mayo. 

Mayo understands that you cannot fake your way through understanding the content here at Jewell, because the professors will know. He appreciates what a small class setting will do for him as a future lawyer. Mainly, because in a small classroom, he is forced to speak up and voice his opinions. Noah recognizes the benefits that come with a smaller school, and he appreciates the uniqueness of how it can help a person grow as an individual. 

A fun fact about Mayo is that he loves soul music. Some of his favorite artists include Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, The O’Jays and the Temptations. If you are into that genre of music, send a few tracks his way! 

Mayo comes from a place that is far from Jewell, but he is managing to adapt and is learning to live in a new environment. As a first-year at William Jewell College, he recognizes what this place is all about. Although Mayo began his inaugural college year during a global pandemic, he still finds a way to get the most from his education and time on campus.

Good luck during your first year in college, Noah, and don’t forget that there “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” 


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