Jewell Alum represents U.S. at UN General Assembly

Jewell Hall. Photo by Catherine Dema

This past week, President Joe Biden announced his list of United States’ representatives attending the United Nations General Assembly. Among the list of representatives was Tom Carnahan, who graduated from William Jewell College in 2005 with a degree in International Relations. After completing his undergraduate degree, Carnahan attended the University of Missouri Law School, earning his Juris Doctorate. Carnahan is the son of former Missouri Governor, Mel Carnahan and former Missouri Senator, Joan Carnahan. 

After law school, Carnahan founded the Wind Capital Group where he worked until 2019. While at Wind Capital, he continuously worked to bring energy to rural America and to areas of Africa. Carnahan is an expert in the energy field and has testified on Capitol Hill about the issue. He has also appeared on major news outlets to discuss the issue. After leaving Wind Capital, he took a position at a St. Louis based investment firm, Oakland Capital Partners. He also practiced law as an assistant city councilor for St. Louis, later starting his own firm specializing in urban redevelopment, municipal law and business counseling.

The UN General Assembly is the largest diplomatic event in the world. In the past, the meeting facilitated in-person conversations that have helped resolve disputes and prevent conflicts internationally. With this being Biden’s first address in front of the General Assembly, all eyes will be on him and how he intends to lead globally in the post-Trump era. Climate change and how world leaders plan to deal with the issue will be one of the main issues discussed during the 76th Assembly. Carnahan’s expertise in renewable energy will play a role in the meeting and he will continue to be a resource for the U.S even after the Assembly.

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