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With William Jewell College undergoing substantial changes this year and beyond, Vice President for Finance and Operations Daniel Holt regularly reports on the nature and status of the projects that the College is undertaking. In all, Jewell is investing more than $34 million to update campus infrastructure and add amenities, according to Holt. To summarize  some key features of the project, below is a list of completed, ongoing and future changes that the community can expect to see over the next two years.

Completed Projects

1.  The four athletic fields at the Spratt Sport Complex, which are used by the baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse teams, were upgraded, receiving new turf and additional lighting this fall.

2. The Curry Hall chiller is now operational – the temporary chiller will be removed over fall break. 

3. The Student Health Center was moved to the intermediate level of Curry Hall in place of Curry Commons, next to Counseling Services and Curry Library. The room was renovated to include a waiting area, storage, two exam rooms and an office.

4. The Cardinal Bookstore was replaced with an online textbook platform in conjunction with the Cardinal Store. Students can now order textbooks online, and items previously sold by the bookstore, such as spiritwear and supplies, are available for purchase from the Cardinal Store, located on the lower level of the Union.

Ongoing Projects

1. The main floor of Curry Hall is undergoing some minor renovations in preparation for Student Life moving over from the bottom floor of the Union. After these renovations are complete – which will include such things as creating more office spaces – Curry Hall will house nearly all student service functions.

2. The College’s new sports, recreational and academic complex, The Link, had its ground-breaking ceremony over Homecoming weekend on Oct. 1. This marks the beginning of Phase 1 of the Link Project: the removal and replacement of the Pryor Learning Commons and White Science Center commuter parking lot. This phase is projected to be completed by December of this year.

3. The Pillsbury Music Center chiller replacement project was delayed as a result of supply chain issues. These two chillers serve the majority of the buildings on the quad. This project is nearly complete.

4. Audiovisual upgrades will be provided to a number of classrooms and meeting spaces around campus, such as in Yates-Gill 221/222 and Gano Chapel.

5. IT cabling and fiber throughout campus will be replaced – this project will likely take some time, as the work will circulate between residential halls and quad buildings.

6. New fire panels will be installed in Curry, Marston and Mathes Hall.

Future Projects

1. The HVAC system of Eaton Hall, which serves Eaton, Browning and Mathes Hall, will be replaced during the summer of 2023.

2. As a result of issues with parking, the college is making plans for a parking restructuring project for Greek and senior housing.

3. Phase 2 of The Link project, including construction of the building, is expected to begin in January 2023 and finish in May 2024.

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Agatha Echenique is the Chief Editor for The Hilltop Monitor. He is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and Philosophy. This is his third year on staff.

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