Jewell offers support for students during COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, William Jewell College has extended student support services in order to promote student welfare during this time. Among these resources include expansion of Student Life support, financial aid policies and academic policies.

According to an email from the Student Life office, Jewell has taken services for academic support, counseling services, health services and career development and internships online. Student Life has also sought to host online programs and activities for the remainder of the semester. 

Office of Counseling Services:

The Office of Counseling Services has taken support online. Students can access tele-mental health services and find what services may be available to them by contacting Dr. Tricia Hager, director of counseling services.

On Mondays and Thursdays from 3-4 p.m., counseling services hosts “Let’s Talk Support Group” with Hager on Zoom. 

Student Life:

Student Life has been providing strategies, tips and opportunities for connection during the pandemic. One of these opportunities is taking Friday Jewell Time online so students can meet with Student Life staffers via Zoom. Student Life is hosting yoga with Kathy Benavidez Thursday nights from 8:15-9 p.m. on Zoom. More information can be found by contacting Student Life and sessions can be joined via this link.

Tips from Student Life – April 16, 2020.

Shelly King, dean of students, said Student Life has gotten positive feedback from students about the continued availability of resources. King also commented on Student Life’s priorities during this time. 

“[Student Life is continuing] to be available and accessible to students during this challenging time,” King said.  “Students used to stop by our office to meet in person so we started a Student Life Jewell Time on Fridays at 10:15.  We had our first one this past Friday and had five students participate.  We’ve had other students ask if it will be continued because they want to participate next time. Zoom has worked great to stay connected and to actually see students during some sessions.” 

Student Health Center:

The Student Health Center is offering tele-health services from Jewell’s nurse practitioner, Paula Brown. The center is open 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Students can call 816-415-5020 or email Brown to schedule appointments. Full time undergraduate students can have tele-health visits for no charge and postgraduates will be charged $15 per visit. 

Students should include a phone number when scheduling appointments – and students will be texted to start appointments. All visits should take place on phones, laptops or computers with camera capabilities. 

Student Life tips – April 13, 2020

Brown is also keeping the Jewell community updated with a Student Health Center blog. Check back at the blog for weekly updates about health and wellness.

Financial Aid:

Financial aid suspended its normal refund policy and will provide refunds for unused room and board costs. Students will be refunded approximately $2,400 for eight weeks worth of room and board fees. Graduating seniors will be refunded via check, and continuing students will have the refunded money credited to their fall semester 2020 tuition and fees. Continuing students may request the refund in the form of a check. For students with an outstanding balance, the refund will go toward that balance, with the remainder being credited to fall semester tuition – or in the form of a refund check. Jewell aimed to distribute checks by April 17.

The College also significantly increased the price threshold for course registration. Now students with an account balance up to $2,500 can register for courses in the fall. Students with an account balance greater than $2,500 were encouraged to contact the financial aid department for assistance with registration.

Students with work-study positions will also continue to receive payments throughout the semester. Students will be paid according to how much they work in a typical week. Work-study students were advised to get in contact with the business office to avoid any disruption in payment. Students with workship positions are not eligible for continued payment but can continue working remotely if possible.

Academic and Tutoring Resources:

Academic resources have taken tutoring services online. Students can find more information about academic resources like tutoring and other academic support at the Academic Achievement Center Moodle course. All tutoring appointments will be online, and more support can be found from Pharamond Guice, director of the Academic Achievement Center.

By keeping tutoring services running, the Academic Achievement Center is both providing free support to students who may be struggling with the move to online courses and is providing support to students with tutoring positions – who can continue earning money despite being off-campus. 

Career Development & Internships

Career Development and Internships is providing assistance and support of career-related needs. All remaining career development events will be held virtually – more information can be found at Marissa Bland, director of Career Development and Internships, can also be contacted for more information about career development and internships. 

Catherine Dema

Catherine Dema is the page editor for Features & Investigations on The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and physics.

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