Liberty Square Business Feature: Pie Time

It’s always high time for pie at Liberty’s new pie and dessert shop. Pie Time, located next to Nickel and Suede and Bittersweet Apothecary at 111 N. Water Street, is the perfect place to go to satisfy those cravings that no dorm room mug cake can.

Pie Time opened Dec. 8. Since opening, they have been a part of Let’s Wine About Winter and offered Christmas and Valentine’s Day specials.  

The Hilltop Monitor spoke to owner Christine Crouch about choosing this location. She notes the Liberty Square’s ability to draw people out as a big reason why she chose to open Pie Time on the Square.

“A lot more people want to come down here and shop so it has a very homey feel to be in this location,” Crouch said.

The shop is airy and cheerful. The kitchen can be seen from the entry, giving the small space a cozy, comforting feel.

Pie is a very homey dessert spot. It’s labor intensive and reminiscent of family tradition. Crouch credits her love for baking to her childhood.

“When I was about 9 or 10 I was in 4-H so I did cooking and sewing and my grandmother was the project leader for the classes,” Crouch said. “I learned a lot of things from her on cooking.”

Crouch has not always been able to use her baking skills as part of her career. Before opening Pie Time, she ran an event venue in Liberty. She has also worked for Liberty Public Schools and been an air traffic controller.

Despite these diverse careers, baking has always been a passion for Crouch.

“I’ve always liked baking pies and cooking for other people,” said Crouch.

Crouch’s favorite flavors of pie to make are chocolate, peanut butter and cherry. She makes a wide assortment of flavors and also offers hand pies, cookies and cakes.

The chocolate and cherry varieties of hand pies are spectacular. The crust is buttery, flaky and superior to any pie crust I’ve had before. The filling is just the right amount of sweet and there is an excellent crust to filling ratio.

Call ahead at 816-651-8685 or email at to order a pie or a sampler box of a variety of the desserts offered at Pie Time.

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