Looking back on “Supernatural’s” 15-year run

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It’s been a long journey on the road so far. Many battles and deaths have been overcome. Sam and Dean have had many heartbreaking and life-shattering moments. It is finally at the end. Season 15 of “Supernatural” starts Oct. 10, and this 15-year series will finally end. 

Created by Eric Kripke, Supernatural is a fantasy show which first aired in 2005.

Supernatural is an intriguing story of two brothers who drive across the country practicing their family business, hunting for monsters and saving people from said monstrous beings. 

The more you learn about these two brothers, the more you fall in love with the characters and their faults. Over time you grow a love of classic rock that is always blaring through their 1967 Chevy Impala. There is comedy, horror and some amazing character development. The brothers face many different hardships as they hunt down demons, vampires and angels. They face death and turmoil daily in an attempt to save the world from the things that go bump in the night. 

It’s easy to enjoy all the crossovers and many references, including “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Scooby-Doo.” The characters even walk into a musical theater production about themselves. 

This series talks about god, gods, heaven, hell, purgatory and everything in between. If you are a lover of Halloween and all things spooky, then Supernatural is the show for you. It was based on many different horror movies and creepy legends that everyone knows and loves. This story of love and family not only gives many different life lessons, but creates a family in the fandom itself. This has been shown in many fan meetups and interviews over the last 15 years.

The fan base itself has grouped to create their own day – Supernatural Day is officially Sept. 13. To celebrate this day, it’s suggested that you watch a marathon of all the show’s seasons with other fans.

“Every Sept. 13, fans come together to celebrate the show’s anniversary with Supernatural Day,” according to CheatSheet.com. “And coincidentally, this year’s Winchester-themed festivities – the last before the final season – fell on Friday the 13th. It also happens to be the same day as a full moon. So you best believe fans got excited.” 

If you look up supernatural day then you will find many different articles about this day and why it’s a thing. The day is all about fans celebrating the show – wearing their merchandise and participating in Supernatural themed activities. 

This community of fans has developed over the years. They have even developed shirts to mark this 15th anniversary of the beginning of the show and the final ending to the series altogether. 

“The fans haven’t just created their own crazy, dysfunctional family; they’ve done some real good in the world, and that’s not changing right now,” according to The Mary Sue

Hot Topic partnered with some of the stars of the show to sell a shirt to celebrate the end of the series, and the profits were used to help victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Speaking from experience, this series has changed my life in many ways. My closest friends and I have bonded over this series and it was essentially the start of our friendship. One of them even got an anti-possession tattoo to mark his love for this amazing fandom and the family it has created.

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