Men’s fall fashion preview

Finally, the two weeks of the year we get to enjoy fall weather in Missouri are upon us. Along with the football, bonfires, excessive amounts of homework and pumpkin spice everything, we finally get to dress our best. Summer is too hot to dress up, winter is too cold for style and, let’s face it, spring is too hard to care about appearance. Fall is where fashion lives.

Wear Pants

Fall weather is here on the hill, and it is time to start dressing like it. Guys, that means unless you’re doing something athletic, put the shorts and take socks away. Wear pants. I don’t mean sweatpants either, although we are all in college and bumming around from time to time can be nice. Rock a nice pair of clean, dark jeans or chinos.

When it comes to jeans, simple is better. Don’t wear jeans with complex designs on the back pockets. Top off the look with a nice roll at the ankle. The roll creates a break between the pants and the shoes to give your look a smooth transition. For a classic look, roll the jeans to where the pant rests slightly on top of your shoe. For a laid back “athleisure” approach, go for the tight roll and wear no-show socks.

Layers Pull it All Together

If you study in the Pryor Learning Commons often, you’ve likely already been wearing layers inside. But now the weather permits layers outside, too. Jackets, hoodies and button-down shirts make great additions to any outfit. Take any look to the next level with a slick bomber jacket, a classic jean jacket or a simple hoodie.

The Trucker Jacket, Levi’s

If you choose to wear the jean jacket, I recommend khaki or colored pants, but if you must wear jeans remember to wear jeans that are darker than the color of the jacket. Avoid gaudy logos and aim for darker colors to maximize your fall aesthetic. Maroon and olive are classic fall colors and, when topped off with brown accessories, can give you the freshest look on the hill.

Ma-1 Bomber Jacket, Aldo

Shoes Make the Outfit

Shoes can make your outfit what it is. Whether you’re attempting a relaxed look, going for the newly popular athleisure look or trying to look well put together but casual, shoes are your answer.

“247 Luxe” sneakers, New Balance

Vans, Stan Smiths or Chucks are the go to when you’re pulling together your casual look. Since you’ll be wearing pants, high tops are a great move, but if you choose to wear low tops you extend your pants options to the tight roll.

“Hario_r” boots, Aldo

A nice pair of low top tennis shoes can look good with the tight roll too, if you want to give off an athletic vibe. Otherwise, fall is the perfect time to rock a nice pair of boots or a pair of casual brogues. Brown boots match the aesthetic of fall perfectly, but you could do a tan or black boot as well. If you’re feeling extra stylish, try out a pair of velvet Chelsea or Jodhpur boots. If you are investing in boots for the first time, know that leather is worth the investment. It looks great and will last forever.

“Captain” boots, Thursday Boot Co.


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