MOD Pizza delivers energy and great pizza

Over the summer, MOD Pizza joined the array of restaurants and stores at The Shoppes at Liberty Triangle. It is located at 1912 Star Drive.

This chain was first established in 2008 by a couple in Seattle. Their main focus was to provide the customers with what they wanted: at low prices. Thus, they developed a pizza restaurant that sets one price per size regardless of the toppings.

MOD Pizza feels similar to Chipotle, but it’s better because it’s pizza. When you arrive, you immediately enter the line, which was out the door when I went. Despite the crowd on a Friday night, I still made it to the register within about ten minutes. I was instantly overwhelmed with all the topping choices. I had decided to ignore the menu of ten pizzas that the crew recommends is on the wall and started from scratch. You select your sauce, cheese, meat and veggies. They also offer salads and cinnamon and garlic sticks.

Disclaimer: I’m a girl who likes a good plain cheese pizza. But, I let myself go and added some peppers and onions and topped it off with a little garlic. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten in hours, but this was one of the better pizzas that I’ve ever eaten. The eight dollar medium pizza was gone before it even had time to cool off.

For my friends who are legal, they sell beer and wine. For my friends who are not, junior business administration major Evan Lott recommends the iced pear tea. If you’re a broke college student, the free water is pretty good. They also offer three hand-spun milkshakes: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. You can enhance these frozen treats with add-ins such as cookie dough or mint chocolate chip.

MOD Pizza has a very high energy, kid-friendly atmosphere. This fast-paced activity was probably due to the Friday night crew. At least ten employees were bustling about behind the counter. Every now and then, a crew member would shout out “say hello,” and the entire crew would yell hello. This was on top of the welcome that each customer received upon entering the restaurant. In my opinion, this takes away from a genuine welcome and makes it feel forced. However, this added to the energy.

I give this a 4.5/5.

Cover photo courtesy of Lexington Herald-Leader


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