October Keeps KC BOOtiful

We’re just a few weeks away from Halloween, and as the temperature drops and we’re planning our costumes for poorly lit house parties, don’t forget to look to the city to get yourself in the mood for the holiday.

Here is some of the best spooky stuff to do this month:

  1. Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun

If you love haunted houses, Worlds of Fun is the best place in Kansas City to get that fix. What’s great about these haunted houses is that, while you pay around $40 for a single entry ticket for attractions like “The Beast” or “The Edge of Hell,” you pay $35 for a ticket into the park. From there, all of the haunted houses are free, and there are a lot of them.

Each haunted house has a distinct—although overdone—theme. House themes this year include “Carnevil,” “Psycho Freaks” and “Hexed,” a new haunted house focused on evil witches and monkeys.

The one big downfall to the Worlds of Fun houses is the crowd. What I do is bring lots of friends so that waiting in line can be part of the fun, too. But consider yourself lucky if you can make it to three or more houses before the park closes. Remember, you can always buy a VIP ticket for an extra fee that lets you skip the lines.

From The Kansas City Star

  1.  West Bottoms Haunted Houses

It’s an accepted fact that haunted houses “The Beast,” “Edge of Hell,” “Macabre Cinema“ and “Chambers of Poe” in the West Bottoms district are the highest production in the city.

My biggest concern is the price: but you do get what you pay for. You pay for high quality, top-notch production value and a genuinely scary experience. From live animals like snakes and alligators to being chased around with an actual chainsaw, if you’re looking to be scared, don’t worry.

While, ultimately, I think you get more bang for your buck at Halloween Haunt, there’s something that just can’t quite be beat about these houses.

  1. Halloweenie Roast

Lastly, on Oct. 30th 96.5 The Buzz is hosting a Halloween-themed concert at the Midland. Performers are Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, New Politics and The Griswolds. Not quite as scary, but who knows? (Maybe some belligerent college boys will spill their beer on you.)

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