The following images were captured at the Black Lives Matter Protest on Michigan Avenue, Chicago, that occurred on Black Friday. Hundreds of individuals of all races, religions, nationalities and other identifying groups came together in a public cry for the enactment of CPAC, a Civilian Police Accountability Council, intended to reduce excessive police violence and the political silencing of police crimes.

Though the number of those protesting was less than that at the equivalent protest held last year, the event did not fail to leave an impression on shoppers, police and passersby alike. Yet, the protest was shut down due to an escalation into violence, fights initiated by both police and protesters, resulting in several protesters being led away in handcuffs and the remainder being ordered off the streets. This protest was a gathering of diverse individuals, uniting for the sake of a common cause, using their voices to cry for justice, equality and the rights of all.

Though this event is over, its message retains its relevance; the conversations begun need to be continued if we ever hope to create a society in which the lives of the minorities and the marginalized are respected and able to be lived without fear.