PLCinema: An overview of movies available to rent

Thanks to Missouri’s unpredictable weather, William Jewell’s campus may endure a harsh winter before the beautiful sunshine we experienced this week sticks around. For those days, when venturing outside seems to be a chore, the Pryor Learning Commons (PLC) provides an entire room of great movies for the student body to enjoy. The room is located on the second floor across from the service desk. It is completely free to checkout up to three titles from the movie collection. The room contains Oscar-winning titles such as “The Kings Speech” and hilarious films like “Bridesmaids.”

In addition, the PLC is commemorating Black History Month by running the documentary called “Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years” throughout February. This will be on the TV on the second floor. The PLC movie library is displaying movies that focus on the history of slavery and its abolition in America like “12 Years a Slave” and “Lincoln.” These films won multiple Oscars and are moving displays of what it was like to live in America during those crucial points in history.

“The King’s Speech”

One of my favorite movies of all time. It’s about King George VI, who suffered from a speech impediment from a young age. The movie follows his journey through speech therapy as he prepares to give important speeches to the entire country, both over radio and in front of large crowds. While the movie has shining comedic moments, most of it portrays what King George VI was going through during the start of World War II.



If historical fiction isn’t your thing, the PLC movie collection is filled with comedy favorites, like this. If you haven’t seen this movie yet it’s almost a guarantee that you have heard one of your peers quote its multiple one-liners. This movie will keep you laughing the whole time at its unpredictable humor and outrageous plot-line. Whether you’ve never seen it or can quote it all, Bridesmaids is always a good pick for a rainy day.



“Lincoln” is the historical account of Abraham Lincoln throughout the lengthy process of abolishing slavery in America. Played by the talented Daniel Day-Lewis, President Lincoln’s personal emotions are portrayed and understood throughout the course of the film. The film introduces several African American characters who were enslaved and it unapologetically portrays what they endured. It is a moving account of the abolition movement, and I encourage you to dedicate a few hours to watch it.

Before you make the drive to Redbox, or spend the money, checkout the PLC movie collection to see if the title you want is there.

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