Quiz: Answer these questions to find out what your major should be

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Which subject are you best at?

Which app do you use the most?

What is your favorite type of pie?

Pick a sport.

Describe yourself in one word.

Pick an instrument.

Choose a future career.

What is your favorite weather?

Which quality do you value most?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you what major you should be

You should be a nursing major! You are a compassionate person and excel in leadership. Your drive to help people is what will motivate your future career choice.
Data Science

You should be a data science major! You are a hip and trendy individual. Pursuing a career in data science will open the door to many career paths for you. Most importantly, this major will teach you how to be a critical thinker!

You should be a Spanish major! You are a cultured and compassionate individual. Your career will take you all over the globe, and you will meet a lot of new friends!
Applied Critical Thought & Inquiry

You should be an Applied Critical Thought & Inquiry major! Congratulations, you are the embodiment of critical thinking! You are quick-witted and like thinking through problems. This major will teach you how to give great advice!
Elementary Education

You should be an elementary education major! You are a kind and caring individual. Your desire to help teach and mentor others will carry you far in life. You are a great influence on others!

You should be an English major! You are an analytical and wise individual. You enjoy reading and learning about other cultures. Your attention to detail will be great for your future career!
Political Science

You should be a political science major! You love learning about the world and about how people make decisions. You like reading and staying updated on current events. Your ambition will carry you far in life.

You should be a biochemistry major! You are an analytical and intelligent individual. You pay great attention to detail, and people always ask you for advice. You will be dedicated to whatever career you have!
Music Education

You should be a music education major! You are a talented and passionate individual! People often compliment you, and you are dedicated to your studies. Your natural skills and personable attitude will carry you far in life!
Business Administration

You should be a business administration major! You are organized and enjoy solving problems. You are motivated and want to make a positive change in the world. Your creativity will allow you to advance in your future career.

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