Quiz: Which Jewell CTI are you?

Jewell Hall. Image courtesy of William Jewell College.

Favorite type of book?

What is the best chick flick?

Pick a location

Who is your favorite Disney prince?

Pick a vegetable

What is your favorite store to shop at?

Pick a flower

How many kids do you want to have?

Pick a dog

Which superpower would you choose?

What Jewell CTI are you?
The Responsible Self

You are The Responsible Self! Though you might seem unapproachable at first, just like Responsible Self, most everyone likes you after they get to know you. Sometimes you might be a little high maintenance but you are someone that everyone needs in their life!
Math for the Liberal Arts

You are Math for the Liberal Arts! You love to have fun and people enjoy being around you! While you might not be the most studious person, you're easy-going and well-liked.
Identity and Society

You are Identity and Society! You are trendy and modern. People want to be around you because you always have the latest news. Just be careful that you don't try too hard to be cool!
Energy and Society

You are Energy and Society! You are opinionated and love sharing your ideas with others! Though your passion might be taken as aggression, people generally like to talk to you about things.
Birth by Any Means

You are Birth by Any Means! Just like Birth by Any Means, your reputation precedes you wherever you go! People like to be around you and enjoy talking about important issues with you.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam

You are Judaism, Christianity and Islam! You are generally well-liked and have a lot of friends. People might be intimidated by you at first but find out that you're great when they get to know you!
Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases: Local and Global Issues

You are Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases: Local and Global Issues! You pride yourself on being obscure and mysterious. People don't really know you that well and you like it that way.

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