Quiz: Which Hilltop Monitor staff member should you date?

Where is your favorite restaraunt in Liberty?

Who is your favorite Jewell professor?

Do you want to date an athlete?

What's something you do that people find annoying?

Which drink from The Beak best describes you?

What's your favorite conspiracy theory?

I would be content to spend the rest of my life with just me and...

I would like to date someone who is...

How clingy are you?

My favorite Hilltop Monitor page is

Which Hilltop Monitor staff member should you date?
Zach Dube
Zach Dube is a junior political science major and member of the Jewell football team. You may recognize his name from Hilltop Monitor pieces like "Opinion: Sen. Hawley's actions are irredeemable" or "Opinion: It's time to abandon tribalist American politics." Zach says dating him is like dating a Golden Retriever or Chandler from "Friends." His favorite restaurant in Liberty is Chick-fil-a.
Trent Brink
Trent Brink is a junior business administration and data science double major, as well as a member of the William Jewell College football team. Dating our trusted Hilltop sports editor is similar to dating Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He believes in aliens and his go-to drink from the Beak is a black cold brew.
Ky Schardein
Want to date an anxious librarian? Dating Ky Schardein, junior Oxbridge: Institutions and Policy major would be close enough. Ky keeps Jewell students up-to-date on current events by writing excellent news pieces. Ky's biggest pet peeve is people who are condescending and his favorite conspiracy theory is that President Obama controlled the weather.
Liz Payton
Liz Payton, freshman biochemistry major, keeps Jewell students informed with her Featured articles on Jewell's inclusivity efforts and COVID-19 protocols. Her favorite restaurant in Liberty is Fuji Sushi and her favorite professor is Dr. Sperry. Liz says dating her is like dating a plant – if you put time into the relationship, she will be more than happy to grow and vibe with you.
Hayley Michael
Hayley Michael, junior history and political science major, says the television character she's the most like is Leslie Knope from "Parks and Recreation." Check out her Hilltop articles, like "First years go through recruitment with COVID-19 adaptations" or "Jewell softball shows heart in season start." Her favorite conspiracy theory is that Elsa and Anna’s parents survived the shipwreck and became Tarzan’s parents. The sunken ship in The Little Mermaid is their boat too.
Samantha Bahler
Samantha Bahler, sophomore psychology and communications major, writes Feature pieces for the Hilltop Monitor. She says that the television character who is the most like her is Lorelei Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls" and her favorite conspiracy theory is that Avril Lavigne died and was replaced. She can't stand loud chewers and her favorite professor is Dr. Pat Schoenrade.
Michaela Esau
Michaela Esau is a junior Oxbridge: Literature and Theory and Communications double major. She plays tennis for William Jewell College and her favorite Liberty restaurant is MOD pizza. She has an advice column for the Hilltop Monitor called "Call Your Mother," which checks out because she is the mom friend and will probably become best friends with your mother.
Hannah Koehler
Looking for a good coffee shop in Kansas City? Ask Hannah Koehler, because she's been to them all. This senior English and psychology double major is the Hilltop Monitor's beloved Arts and Culture editor. Her biggest pet peeve is selfish people and her favorite professor is Dr. Morrison.

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